Senior Home Care

Senior home care refers to the process of having a care provider come to the home of an elderly person and assist with the activities of daily living that the person is no longer able to achieve on their own. This covers a wide range of services, at varying levels of training and expense.

Choosing a provider can be difficult. There are those that are trained medical personnel and can administer medical treatments to the elderly person in question, but most of them have minimal medical training and function more as personal assistants.

Senior home care is a great alternative to relocating the person to a nursing home or long term care facility. In most cases, it is less expensive than nursing home care and for those that do not need around the clock assistance, relocation is frequently unnecessary.

Senior home NJ care also provides a way to ensure that the senior is getting enough social interaction. Many seniors, especially those that live far from their family members, are in danger of becoming isolated and depressed. This provides for the social interaction of the senior and also allows for early detection of any new medical or social issues.

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